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Currency Card

This is the perfect card for frequent travellers.  You can spend in multiple currencies, wherever you are, with the best exchange rates. With Nexdi card, you can manage, convert and use 38 currencies.

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Sort out your travel money online wherever you are.


Manage All

You can manage it using our app, from top-ups to transfer

One App

Our app lets you buy currencies, freeze your card and view your pin


It is contactless and available with Apple pay and Google pay

Accepted globally

It is accepted in 36 million locations in over 180+ countries

Send and receive money in seconds

With your multi-currency account, send and receive money instantly with no hidden charges. You will always know what you are sending and receiving.

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Get local account details

Get a UK sort code, account number and IBAN for all your transactions. Nexdi also provide a Euro Bank Code (Swift/BIC) and a US routing number and account number.

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One app, manage all your money

Manage your multi-currency account at any time, from anywhere. Instant top-up your wallet and make payments. Manage and freeze your card, view pin etc. Get instant app notification